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A trading-exchange site looks after the transactions between you, the online traders, and bookmakers around the globe. Among trading-exchange services globally, MY AG BOOK is special for three main reasons: safety, simplicity, and variety. Our technology makes your trading-experience thrilling, smoother, and protects you from potential fraud and illegal trading. Even beginner traders can use MY AG BOOK trading-exchange without worries about losing money unnecessarily.

More traders, the better

Online sports-trading has greater scope and becomes more interesting when there are more participants. MY AG BOOK’s access to multiple events and sports ensures you find more opportunities against other traders in a number of tournaments, countries and categories of sport. The reason online traders choose MY AG BOOK is our technology and superior flexibility in transactions and withdrawal. With the use of virtual transaction, a greater trader participation also has become evident. We are also equipped to serve you better through a streamlined customer service that looks after your trading and makes it safer.

Transactions in trading exchanges

MY AG BOOK has a registration process to set up your trading account. Depending on the location of the user, we help you set up a transaction method, which may be through a wallet or unified payment interface directly linked to your bank. We also help you trade on platforms that are supervised and operate within the legal restrictions on gambling within your region. Once you withdraw your trading money, you can expect your money to reach your bank fast and smooth.

Upon registration, you are notified to deposit money in your trading account. This is the amount you get to use once you make a call on a certain game or event.

How a trading exchange helps you

Besides being a mediator, a good online sports trading-exchange service helps you gain a transparent view of what you can trade on. MY AG BOOK also helps you with analytics so that you can make transactions on increasingly more interesting outcomes. MY AG BOOK links you to competitions and sports traders across the globe.

Variety of trading platforms

At MY AG BOOK, you get to use the trading exchange on a variety of sports by accessing platforms dedicated to a few or each sport. This makes us a popular trading exchange, as traders find a highly flexible environment. A variety of sports such as tennis, ice hockey, cricket and football are accessible to traders.

We offer a large variety, from early market, binary markets and casino, to Asian Handicap, basketball and other favourite sports such as cricket and football. This creates greater trader participation and more options for you consequently.

A better experience overall

Use our trading-exchange portals to remain up to date on upcoming tournaments, details of professional athletes, and ongoing traders-moves in the sports-trading world. This ensures, you as a user of MY AG BOOK trading exchange, gets the chance to significantly improve your winnings. MY AG BOOK gives you a lot to browse and discover the best options available.

Reach us for crucial tips, better understanding of trading games, and awareness on legal restrictions on online trading within your region. Our one-stop global customer service will guide you and help improve your experience on MY AG BOOK.

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This is the biggest betting platform in Asia. No one can match their services.


MY AG BOOK is one of the best service providers. Best customer service and payment system.


Best work in telegram of online id. I took 1 lakh withdrawl in 2 days from 3k id. Thank you ag official.


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