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At MY AG BOOK, you get to use a variety of options. We have sports trading, online casino, binary markets, early market, game day, Asian Handicaps and all other major markets.

Payment options

MY AG BOOK provides you several payment methods. They include Google Pay, direct bank transfer such as NEFT and IMPS, Paytm and PhonePe. Online sports trading has generated a great deal of excitement and is seeing more users every day. Thanks to easier payment methods, which you can use in your mobile phone. E-wallets and mobile banking are some of the biggest reasons for greater participation in a number of trading websites, worldwide.

Online sports-trading with caution

MY AG BOOK has a system in place to keep your sports-trading free of confusion. Besides our customer care, you can browse our website for tips on secure ways to enjoy sports-trading. Register on our website to find updates and caution messages to keep your experience hassle free. You will also have access to our customer care for live updates on games. MY AG BOOK helps make sure you operate the best possible way.

Find legal information

Use our website to find relevant legal information about online sports-trading. You can ask us for help on up-to-date information regarding laws and prohibited areas. Write to us or give us a call regarding your doubts on placing trade demands. We help you stay aware of possible risks and regulatory requirements with the necessary updates.

Bookmaking and MY AG BOOK

Here you can make sure you get to bid and select sports-trading options that suit you best. MY AG BOOK is a free-trade exchange, making the user-bookmaker relationship purely market driven. That way, you can have more options and select bookmakers to help you maximise winnings. This is also one of the reasons we have more users participating on our sports-trading exchange at MY AG BOOK.

Keep fake deals away

MY AG BOOK lets you have the perfect experience by keeping this website free of fake trading-deals. Our team ensures you get to connect with safe sports-trading platforms. Risky trading is something you can say goodbye to when you sign up here at MY AG BOOK. Make sure you have the best experience of sports trading online.

Why do we need your address and other details?

MY AG BOOK requires your details during registration or ‘sign up’ so that we have a complete profile of the user. This helps us encourage only genuine users. Once you upload these details through our registration process, you will have a smooth journey and enjoy sport trading with a high-quality user experience.

Facing any issues with registration?

In case you are unable to complete the registration, it may be due to technical issues or errors. Reach out to our customer care and get it resolved as soon as possible. There may be a chance that your internet connection is not working or your details are not matching. Contact us and get a smooth solution to your problem during registration. You can also reach us with other questions regarding your participation on MY AG BOOK. Feel free to ask for help any time!

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MY AG BOOK is one of the best service providers. Best customer service and payment system.


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